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Are you interested in hosting an On the Table conversation but not sure what’s involved? Anyone can be a host - sometimes, all it takes is a gentle nudge and a good excuse to come together. If you can embrace your vulnerability with hosting, you set the right tone for real conversations.


Real conversation is what helps us all feel known, understood, and encouraged. Use our resources and tips below to help guide you! 

Register for On The Table


Being a host is easy and fun! You can be the person who gets good things started. Hosting is the first step to doing something great in the city!


Before you register for your Table, you will be asked to become a member of this site.


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Complete Training

The training will provide the steps and tips for planning and hosting your On the Table event successfully. It is vital that you complete training to host your Table virtually. The training is also an easy way to stay up to date on all the hosting how-tos.


Once training is complete, remember to sign up for your Demo to interact with the platform live, before On the Table, and test your device.


Start Training


Plan Your Table

We have plenty of materials to help you host a successful conversation. Check back frequently as we add new materials leading up to On the Table week.


The resources include general conversation prompts to help things flow smoothly, answers, and helpful tips we've collected from hosts just like you. We've also included resources and graphics that will help you to promote your Table and invite guests.


Access Resources


Take the Survey

We encourage you and your guests to share your thoughts and experiences with us during and after the event. The survey will be open the week of November 16 and stay open for two weeks following On The Table, but the sooner you complete it, the better.


In fact, as hosts, we hope you will invite your guests to complete the survey before they leave your Table.


Take Survey

(Coming Soon)


Take Action

As the host, we hope you will facilitate the conversation to help your guests think of ways to take action on opportunities or challenges they discuss. It would be ideal if each guest could come up with at least two actionable ideas they can do following On The Table.


The Community Foundation of Central Georgia, with the support of the Knight Foundation, will offer a mini-grant program for ideas that require a little seed funding to get started.


Apply For Grant

(Coming Soon)

  • Ashley Copeland | Leadership Baldwin Class Project Pop-up Public Art Installation | $1,250"
    This grant will help the 2019-2020 Leadership Baldwin Class create an avenue for seasonal public art pop-up installations in Milledgeville-Baldwin County. A committee will approve the art, and the identified locations will change each quarter.
  • Tiara Johnson | Family Craft Night | $1,250"
    This grant will help bring bi-weekly Family Craft Nights that will consist of craft parties for only $5, allowing families with multiple children to have access to affordable recreational activities at various locations throughout Macon Milledgeville.
  • Kara Lassiter | Summer Readers Future Leaders | $1,250"
    This grant will help provide local, K-3rd grade students with age-appropriate books and reading materials to promote literacy during the summer months.
  • Angie Martin | Sustainable Strategic Planning for Economic Development in Baldwin County | $1,250"
    This grant will help create a sustainable economic development plan focused on current initiatives, increasing economic development, and retaining our youth.
  • Louise Sallstrom | Miriam Ministry of Milledgeville Raising Awareness | $1,250"
    This grant will help the GA Alliance to End Homelessness and advocate through public awareness to gain support for solutions to homelessness. They will provide flyers to service providers, the public, nonprofit organizations, businesses, policymakers, and more!
  • Carlee Schulte | Milledgeville Family Portrait | $1,250"
    This grant will help host a Milledgeville family portrait event to bring our community members together for a gathering and then get a drone picture to record the event.
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